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Spiritual Messenger, Angelic Channel and Teacher&trade

    Allie Cheslick

Internationally Known Spiritual Medium
Angelic Channel, Spiritual Healer, Clairvoyant & Teacher
Business Consultant, Paranormal Investigator
Wings of Love Radio Host & Producer

Allie Cheslick is a Professional Spiritual Medium, Healer, Intuitive & Radio Host.  She has been a consultant to a national and international clientele and a sought after guest on many national and international radio programs.  She is also known as a Psychic's Psychic and has demonstrated for audiences worldwide on radio and TV.

Allie has been touted as one of the most genuine, sincere, and hauntingly accurate spiritual mediums of our time. Allie's Love is felt in every reading and her, "Tell it like it is attitude" is refreshing and authentic.  Allie goes above and beyond to ensure that each client leaves the reading with love, comfort, hope, peace and a sense of empowerment to know they have full control over their ability to move forward in their lives.

Allie says, "It's never about the psychic or medium, we are just the conduits for the information, it's always about the client and those in spirit wishing to communicate albeit loved ones, angels or spirit guides."  Allie's reputation and comedic personality have earned her a loyal following of clients, referrals and a large local and international radio fan base. Her compassion, ethics, integrity and humor give her the ability to effectively communicate the messages while putting her clients at ease.

Allie can be heard weekly on her new radio show, it's one of the hottest on the internet and receiving rave reviews!!  Allie's show, The Allie Cheslick Show, Real and Raw is the newest edition to her line up of successful radio programs. 

Allie has been a radio host for years with her highly successful and top rated, “Wings of Love Radio” that was heard
on many stations across the world as well as on iTunes and numerous archived downloads.

 Allie has been dubbed the Barbara Walters of metaphysical radio!!

 Allie's passion and mission is to be of service to humanity by helping to raise the level of consciousness, teaching spiritual principles and unconditional love. I am not here to convince, convert or judge anyone elses belief systems for each of you have your own path. I am here to gently nudge and remind you that you are a Divine child of the most High God, Creator, Source Energy and that you deserve to be fully and unconditionally abundant in all areas of your life.

Allie Cheslick has had some wonderful experiences in life, including these two recordings she is delighted to share with you.  Truly with Allie what you see and hear is what you get and then some.  Although Allie is a wonderful on air personality, her private readings are profound and she truly works from a place of heart centered consciousness.  We hope you enjoy listening to her and to these recordings.

Doreen Virtue's Very Special Reading for Allie
May 2007

Sheryl Blumenthal's very special connection for Allie on
Visible by Numbers radio show, hosted by Alison Baughman

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